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Variety is key

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

There is so much choice out there when it comes to getting fit. You can join a local running club, try out your nearest gym, get involved with some community fitness classes, try your hand at lifting weights...then all of the different things you can do in those different categories too!

Every day I try to make sure that I do at least one form of exercise a day, especially since I've been kept in the house for almost five months now (although it's nice to be finally out and about again now!) variety is SO important when it comes to your fitness, keeping yourself constantly motivated and inspired can be hard. If you find an exercise or class that you really love, that can really help you to continue the activity regularly. However - if that class was the exact same routines or exercises every week, you would eventually become bored as the class would not longer be challenging and very predictable, so varied classes are great fun!

Not only should you mix up the content of your activity, class or exercise - the types of exercises, classes or hobbies should also be really varied too. If you just stuck to lifting weights, you might really enjoy this form of exercise, but training for a full body approach with cardio and flexibility is much better for your body, and also mind too, trying several different things and them complementing what you are doing for your body too. I have heard personal trainers saying, 'just lift weights, you don't need to do anything else' - I disagree very much! I think a well-rounded and open approach to all areas of fitness is really important.

Just narrowing down your fitness to one category.

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