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Rules of my gym...

If you train with me, you'll join me at my home-based gym which is perfect for one-to-one coaching. I coach a variety of different ages and fitness levels, but do have a few ground rules for those that train with me...

1. No Trash Talking Your Body - I don’t want to hear any negativity about yourself, I’ve had clients ‘apologising’ when we’re doing weigh ins - STOP IT! Your body is amazing and doesn’t need apologising for. If you wouldn’t say it to someone else, don’t say it to yourself. There’s no judgement in this space ✌️

2. Take Your Workout Seriously and Safely - I want you to have a good time in your session, make sure we have a good playlist on and a bit of a laugh, but I also need you to focus and take your workout seriously. This also means outside of the gym too, respect yourself by going away and doing that work outside of your session too 💪

3. Don’t Apologise for Learning - if you make a mistake, so what?! I’m here to help you learn, improve your knowledge and encourage you to train better, so I don’t want to hear the word ‘sorry’ when I give you a corrective cue 😉

4. Be Proud of Each Workout - showing up to your session is an amazing thing that most people out there aren’t doing. By taking control of your life, being proactive and holding yourself accountable, you’ve taken one of the biggest steps to help improve your life. This is badass and you should be proud for showing up each week 👊

5. Walk Out of the Door with Your Head Held High - know that you did your best in your session and be confident that you’ll be using your knowledge and skills appropriately during the next seven days before I see you again, by making mindful nutritional choices, treating your body with respect and staying active and moving

What other rules would you add to the list?

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